New Zealand Geotechnical Society Geomechanics Lecture

The NZ Geomechanics Lecture is the premier award of the New Zealand Geotechnical Society. It is presented by a person prominent in Geomechanics who can, in the presentation, contribute a statement of significance and value relevant to New Zealand. The lecture is to be presented at intervals of up to four years at a minimum of three venues in New Zealand and is promoted to attract as wide an audience as possible. Following its presentation, the lecture is to be published.

The Society will present the lecturer with a certificate commemorating the event as a record of the honour conferred on the lecturer. The lecturer will also be given a gratuity.

The NZ Geomechanics Lecture was established to honour individuals who have made a notable contribution to New Zealand Geomechanics.

  1. 1974 Ridley J W – The Economics and Correct Use of Natural Materials
  2. 1975 Wroth C P A – Fresh Look at Damage Caused to Buildings by Settlement
  3. 1979 Northey R D – The Acceptability of Geotechnical Risk
  4. 1984 Taylor P W – Geotechnical Engineering: Education and Practice in New Zealand
  5. 1987 Oborn L E – Thoughts on the Evolution of Engineering Geology in New Zealand
  6. 1990 Taylor D K – The Use and Misuse of Geotechnology in Civil Engineering
  7. 1992 Martin G R – Geomechanics – The Art and the Science
  8. 1994 Berrill J B – Seismic Liquefaction of Cohesionless Sands
  9. 1996 Pender M J – Aspects of Geotechnical Behaviour of Some New Zealand Materials
  10. 1999 Sinclair T J E – Geotechnical Analysis – Fundamentals to Fractals
  11. 2001 Prebble W – Hazardous Terrain – an engineering geological perspective
  12. 2004 Wesley L – Geotechnical Engineering in and out of the Ivory Tower
  13. 2007 Toan D V – A Geomechanics View on Heavy Duty Pavements
  14. 2011 David Bell – Geo-Logic and the Art of Geotechnical Practice
  15. 2014 John Wood – Geotechnical Issues in Displacement Based Design of Highway Bridges and Walls
  16. 2018 Misko Cubrinsovski – Key aspects in the engineering assessment of soil liquefaction
  17. 2022 Ann Williams – The Question of Risk