Young Geotechnical Professionals Conference Awards

The Earthquake Commission Research Foundation and the NZ Geotechnical Society have awards available for New Zealanders attending the Young Geotechnical Professionals Conference.

Criteria for the awards are:

  • Less than 10 years work experience
  • 35 years of age or younger
  • Financial member of the society
  • No more than two awards to an individual

Applications for the award are to be in writing stating

  • Qualifications and dates awarded
  • Brief outline of experience
  • Number of years experience
  • Brief outline of what you hope to gain from the conference
  • Abstract of your paper

Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

A written report on return from the conference is required detailing what the participant got out of it and whether it met their expectations. Award winners are expected to present their paper at a local branch meeting in the year of the award.

Value of the awards shall depend on the location of the conference and financial pool available to support attendees.

Past winners


  • Jason Lim
  • Sean Rees
  • Stephanie Cherfane
  • Stella Torvelainen
  • Romy Ridl
  • Charlie Mangos
  • Joe Kelly
  • Matthew Brown
  • Matt Engel
  • Jack Leeves
  • Dan Mills
  • Ryan Reed
  • Ravi Sundar
  • Andrew Awad
  • Emily Jacobs


  • Emilia Belczyk
  • Elby Tang
  • Martin Barrientos
  • David Bruxton
  • Rebecca Ryder
  • Frances Neeson
  • Holly Le Heux
  • Gemma Hayes
  • Daniel Scott
  • Mark Hill


  • Catherine Tatarniuk
  • Andy Hope
  • Frances Neeson
  • Luke Storie
  • Erica Cammack
  • Karly Shields
  • Leon Gerrard
  • Richard Heritage
  • Jason Anderson
  • Jason Kelly


  • Hayden Bowen
  • Heather Enright
  • Carys Everett
  • Sian France
  • Naotaka Kikkawa
  • Paul McClean
  • Annette O’Leary
  • Selvern Raman