Branch Coordinators (Waikato)

Contact us at waikato@nzgs.org

Luke Stanley

Luke is an engineering geologist with CMW Geosciences in Hamilton. He graduated from the University of Plymouth in the UK with BSc (Hons) and MGeol Geology qualifications in 2016 and 2017 respectively before moving into the geotechnical sector. Following working in the south-west of the UK, he decided to chase some warmer climates and gain some experience working with the very variable soils of the Waikato in New Zealand. He has been working with CMW since 2019 on projects throughout the central north island.

Email: lukes@cmwgeo.com

M. 027 296 5760

Ben Smith

Ben is an engineering geologist with HD Geo in Hamilton. He graduated from the University of Waikato to complete a BSc in GeoSciences in 2013, and has since gained knowledge and experience working on projects through the central north island. Outside of work he enjoys the outdoors, surfing, music and the odd DIY renovation project.

Email: ben.smith@hdgeo.co.nz

M. 027 218 8102

Shima Sheybani Aghdam

Shima is a geotechnical engineer currently working at HDGeo in Hamilton. She studied for a BSc in structural engineering in Iran before graduating with a MSc in geotechnical engineering in 2015 from Shahid Rajaee University in Tehran, Iran. She moved to New Zealand in 2016 and joined HFC in Canterbury before moving to join HDGeo in April 2019. Shima’s experience includes geotechnical investigations, assessment and design for infrastructure, buildings and development.  Outside of work she loves doing karate, sewing and crafting.

Email: shima@hdgeo.co.nz

M. 022 416 2504