Other projects

NZGS members and committee provide a significant amount of support to projects run by other organisations to help further the interests of the society and our members. The most significant of these are summarised here.

MBIE/NZGS Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Modules Finalisation Project

NZGS management committee lead: Ross Roberts and Tony Fairclough

Core team: Mike Stannard, Rick Wentz, Nick Traylen, Kevin McManus, Misko Cubrinovski, Cameron Keepa, Alexi Murachev, Ananth Balachandra

Programme: Module publication is expected in August 2021

The Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering modules were published in 2017 as Revision 0, with the intent that they be tested in practice and feedback collated for future improvements. NZGS has been working in partnership with Engineering NZ (as project manager) and MBIE (as lead funding agency) to incorporate this feedback into the documents.

NZS 4431 update

NZGS management committee lead: Ross Roberts and Sally Hargraves

Core team: William Gray, Tony Fairclough, Guy Forrest, Andrew Rose, Mark Stringer, Tony Kao, Simon Barber, Ali Shokri, Timothy Farrant, Chris Massey, Barbara Rouse

Programme: Phase 1 - initiation (December 2020). Phase 2 - standard development (July 2021). Phase 3 - Public consultation (November 2021). Phase 4 - Approvals (December 2021). Phase 5 - Standard publication (January 2022)

This project is for a complete revision and update of the existing New Zealand Standard NZS 4431:1989.

NZS 4431:1989 Code of practice for earth fill for residential development describes practices to be adopted in the planning, execution, inspection and control of earth fills for residential sub-divisional developments in order to minimise damage being sustained by buildings and services through subsequent ground movements. NZS 4431 is referenced in the New Zealand Building Code compliance documents Acceptable Solutions E2/AS2 and Verification Methods B1/VM1. It is intended that this revised and updated standard will continue to be used in these compliance documents.

June 2021 update: progress developing the updated text is going well.

NZS 3604 update

NZGS management committee lead: Phil Robins

Core team: Sally Hargraves

Programme: TBC

NZGS have an interest in the latest update, specifically in the work item "Foundations on Expansive Soils and also Liquefaction-prone Soils".  We understand that there is also ongoing work on the definition of good ground and aim to provide feedback in this regard as well.  It is intended that this work will link in with our development of a Practice Note for working on Expansive Soils. NZGS has nominated Sally Hargraves to be our representative on the Standards NZ panel, and we will provide further information when we hear if the nomination has been accepted.

Engineering NZ occupational regulation review

NZGS management committee lead: Tony Fairclough and  Ross Roberts

Core team: Ross Roberts

Programme: ongoing

NZGS has provided formal feedback to MBIE (see here for more details). We worked closely with Engineering New Zealand and our sister societies (particularly NZSEE, SESOC, SFPE) to provide robust and consistent feedback. MBIE is now considering this feedback, and we will continue to lobby for the best outcome for our members and New Zealand.

Engineering NZ review of the New Zealand Geotechnical Database

NZGS management committee lead: Ross Roberts

Core team: Engineering NZ staff


Engineering NZ has been asked by MBIE and EQC to develop a project to review the NZ Geotechnical Database and identify future improvements and funding options. NZGS is very keen to ensure this work is done well, and is engaged with ENZ in the scoping of this project.