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The 2019 annual IAEG Executive and Council meetings were held at Booyoung Hotel, Jeju Island South Korea on 21 and 22 September 2019.  The weekend of meetings was followed by the 12th Asia Regional Conference of the IAEG (23 – 27 Sept).   A small number of NZ and Australian IAEG members attended. 

A summary of key points from the Executive and Council meetings are:

  • IAEG membership is growing slowly and IAEG is financially stable
  • Current membership (as time of reporting for council meeting) = 4061 
  • 39% of member receive the bulletin (42% of NZ and Australian IAEG members subscribe to the Bulletin)
  • Five largest national groups are China (585), Germany (496), New Zealand (477), Australia (320) and United Kingdom (265).  NZ and Australia represent 19.7% of IAEG membership
  • 32 National groups are active with a range of activities supported by members at local levels (similar to AGS and NZGS)
  • Bulletin is now only available as E-Version

Changes to EU privacy rules will mean changes to how IAEG collects and manages membership data. A new system is in development and testing; once up and running the privacy and management of data for IAEG should be greatly improved. This will not affect members directly but may require you to confirm what data you are happy for IAEG to hold, to approve third parties such as Springer for receipt of the Bulletin and acceptance to receive the connector email newsletter.  Watch this space.

  • Changes to the Governance and management of IAEG are still in development with four advisory boards being set up and a number of executive reports commissioned to assist in framing and supporting the future direction of IAEG.  There is ongoing discussion on development and implementation of the strategic plan developed by the previous Executive.
  • Applications for IAEG regional conferences were received and voted on. The following IAEG conferences were supported:

– 3rd European Regional Conference in Athens 21 – 23 Sep 2020 (combined with 2020 Executive and Council meetings)
– 13th Asian Regional Conference in Singapore, September 2021
– 1st South American Regional Conference in Cordoba, Argentina 7 -10 September 2021 (combined with 2021 Executive and Council meetings)

  • Discussion also supported the proposed summer school as put forward by the Italian National Group and they were given permission to develop this proposal further.

A lot of the summary points have been reported on in the IAEG connector emails newsletter sent out to members.  If you want to know more about what is happening in the world of IAEG please contact me.

Doug Johnson
NZ IAEG Representative

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