NZGS Guidelines

Construction specification for bored and driven piles

This Specification sets out requirements for the construction of bored or driven pile types.

This document is published in collaboration by the Structural Engineering Society New Zealand (SESOC) and the New Zealand Geotechnical Society (NZGS).

This document supersedes the Auckland Structural Group publication “Piling Specification” (Rev G, 2002). In 2019 a Panel of Experts was jointly appointed by the SESOC and NZGS National Management Committees to review and update the Auckland Structural Group (ASG) “Piling Specification” document which was last issued on 12 March 2002. The Project Panel of Experts issued “Revision 1 – Final Draft for Public Comment” version of the SESOC/NZGS Piling Specification for feedback in 2021, and updated the document to incorporate that feedback in 2022. Further details and links to download the consultation documents are available on the NZGS website here:

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