ON LINE – GNS Urban mapping in South Auckland: Geology and Geomorphology

Presented by Kyle Bland and Dougal Townsend

Due to Covid restrictions this event will now be on line  https://www.engineeringnz.org/courses-events/event/gns-urban-mapping-in-south-auckland/

This talk outlines the GNS Urban Mapping project that is near completion for the South Auckland area. Digital
geological and geomorphological maps have been produced, which emphasise the geological and landscape
evolution of this area. Kyle and Dougal are geologists working at GNS Science, based in Lower Hutt. They have
both worked on large geological mapping projects such as QMAP. Kyle’s research interests lie in
paleogeographic reconstructions of New Zealand’s past landscapes and environments, and educational
outreach targeting the general public — particularly school children and their teachers, and iwi. Dougal has
worked with the SLIDE project in Wellington, leading a team mapping the geomorphology of the city. Recently
he also completed a new geological map of the Tongariro National Park and is currently working on a new map
of the Auckland Volcanic Field.

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Online Presentation: Reflecting on the Ruahihi & Wheao canal failures (1981 and 1982)

Presented by Dick Beetham,

Principal Geotechnical Engineer & Engineering Geologist, Coffey NZ

Register HERE

Ruahihi and Wheao canal collapses, 1981 and 1982. These two case histories where something goes drastically wrong are pictorially described and discussed. The photo images graphically demonstrate what has happened; the lessons learnt, and steps taken for improvement are discussed. They are mostly applicable today. As geotechnical practitioners we have limited work experience and we must learn from case histories, favourable and unfavourable!


Interestingly Dick is double qualified, with both a BE Civil from Canterbury University and a BSc in geology and geophysics from Auckland University.  He is also one of very few people jointly awarded as both CPEng and PEngGeol.

Auckland_Northland YGP Mini Symposium

NZGS Auckland & Northland YGP Symposium – 26th February 2021

The 3rd NZGS Auckland & Northland YGP Symposium is happening on Friday 26th February 2021 in Auckland.


What is it?

A one-day event where the young and old(er) people of the local geotechnical industry gather to share and learn from each other. Every participant gives a short 10min presentation in a constructive and supportive environment.  You will not only learn but leave more enthused and motivated for your career. It is a shortened, local, less formal version of the highly successful ANZ YGP conference.


Who is it for?

All geo-professionals who are under 35 years old and/or with less than 10yrs of experience, and based in Auckland & Northland.


What is required of me?

To register, send a 100 to 200 word summary of a geotechnical topic on which you can commit to making a 10 minute presentation. The topic should be something that your peers can learn from. No written paper is required. There will be a short question time after each presentation. There will be two friendly mentors present on the day to provide advice and feedback.


How to apply?

To apply, send a short description of your presentation to auckygp@gmail.com by Wednesday 27th January 2021. Cost of the event is $120 per person, including dinner following the symposium. The event is to be held at Beca, 21 Pitt Street, Auckland.


For more details please see the flyer.

Online Presentation – Regional Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterisation across New Zealand

Presented by Liam Wotherspoon

This presentation will provide an overview of the regional geotechnical and geophysical site investigation studies that have recently been carried out across New Zealand, with a focus on improving our understanding of sedimentary basin structures and the shear wave velocity of regional soil deposits. The field testing methodologies that have been used across these studies will be discussed and how they were applied in each region of interest. Outputs have been used to inform appropriate site subsoil classifications across these regions according to NZS1170.5, with examples of these updated classifications presented and discussed. Methods that have been developed for the rapid characterisation of basins to develop first order velocity models that will inform ground motion simulation efforts will also be summarised. These studies have been supported by a range of different research programmes and in partnership with a number of councils. The presentation will end with a summary of future studies and the need for industry data to improve our understanding of soil profile characteristics across the GeoNet strong motion station network, as part of the update of the New Zealand National Seismic Hazard Model.


2020 Hochstetter Lecture: How Tectonic & Surface Processes Interact to Shape the Landscape

Presented by Phaedra Upton, Senior Scientist, Geodynamics Team Leader, GNS Science

The landscape serves as a link between the solid Earth and the atmosphere. At many spatial and temporal scales, landscape morphology and topography provide a constraint on the tectonics of the Earth and processes active within it. To unravel these, we need to understand the complex relationships between surface processes, their drivers and the rocks upon which they act. I will explore recent developments in modelling tectonics and surface processes within a single deformational framework. I will focus on collisional settings such as New Zealand’s Southern Alps, SE Alaska and the Himalaya where rapid uplift combines with vigorous climate regimes to create dynamic landscapes.

RSVP: james.griffiths@beca.com

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NZGS Dunedin Presentation and Social Event

Presented by James Molloy

James Molloy will give a brief Presentation on some of his more interesting work in the Otago area.


Following on from James Molloy’s Presentation, as we were all looking forward to our colleagues from around the country coming to visit in mid-October that has been interrupted by Covid-19,   it seems an opportune time for the local geotechnical community (and any other interested parties) to get together for a couple drinks, some networking and a catch up.


Please join us at Terra MDC’s office at 82 Bond Street on the evening of Thursday 15th October. We look forward to seeing you all there.


*A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, along with nibbles will be provided


Kindly sponsored by

Terra MDC

Building Compliance Technical Forum

Presented by Christchurch City Council, Engineering Services Team, Consenting and Compliance Unit

Geotechnical engineers, structural engineers and their associates are invited to a technical forum on regulatory compliance with clause B1 of the New Zealand Building Code. Speakers from the Christchurch City Council’s regulatory unit will present on updates to geotechnical guidance, structural materials, quality assurance, acceptance of producer statements/peer reviews and changes to building work exempt from building consent.

A question and answer session will be held after the presentation. Please submit questions via this google sheet on or before Monday 19th October.   HERE

To help us in planning for this event, please register to attend using the following link: HERE