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Events / Evening Meeting / Waikato ANZ Geomechanics 2023 Presentations

Waikato ANZ Geomechanics 2023 Presentations

Date / Time
Dec 11, 2023 @ 5:30am - 7:00pm
Waikato Branch PresentationDEC2023

The Waikato branch coordinators, Ben Smith and Jessel Ladwa have arranged five great Presentations from the ANZ conference in Cairns from July 2023.

The authors will be presenting their relevant papers.

Come along for refreshments and networking  before the Presentations begin, we look forward to seeing you there!


Presented by Kori Lentfer, Kostas Lontzetidis, Kenneth Read, Natasha Jokhan, David Macpherson


  1. Kori Lentfer (CMW Geosciences) – Pile foundation design in Northland Allochthon
  2. Kostas Lontzetidis (CMW Geosciences) – Investigating microstructure, a soil characteristic that increases resistance against liquefaction
  3. Kenneth Read (Beca Limited) – Accessibility and use of digital information in geotechnical desk studies, ‘pros’ and possible pitfalls
  4. Natasha Jokhan (Brian Perry Civil) – Ground improvement through dynamic compaction
  5. David Macpherson (CMW Geosciences) – Refining the seismic hazard risk: Sensitivity check of ground motion parameters for liquefaction assessment for large scale land development in Hamilton, New Zealand


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