Waka Kotahi adopted the New South Wales (NSW) Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Assessed Risk Level (ARL) for slope risk assessment and mitigation works identification for our Kaikoura project and subsequently for SH3 Mount Messenger and a number of other smaller capital and maintenance projects. Following the successful outcomes from these projects, the NSW ARL approach is to be adopted by Waka Kotahi /NZTA for future projects.

The NSW ARL approach requires inspections and assessments to be undertaken by accredited persons. Currently accreditation can only be obtained by attending the accredited NSW RMS course in Australia. In line with our intent to continue with this approach, the Agency has developed its own accreditation course which will cover the new NZTA ARL approach, being a variant of the NSW approach, successful accreditation being required to undertake slope assessments on behalf of Waka Kotahi /NZTA.

The first course is intended for 2020 most likely in late March. Registration by interested parties for the course can be made by contacting Lead Advisor-Geotechnical (stuart.finlan@nzta.govt.nz)

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