SESOC / NZGS Piling Specification – Consultation and Feedback

Dear SESOC and NZGS Members,

As most of you are aware, during late 2019 a Panel of Experts was jointly appointed by the SESOC and NZGS National Management Committees to review and update the Auckland Structural Group (ASG) “Piling Specification” document. The last version of such document (Rev G) was issued on 12 March 2002.

For your information, review and comment, please find below links which are associated with the latest “Revision 1 – Final Draft for Public Comment” version of the SESOC/NZGS Piling Specification:

The Project Panel of Experts respectfully issues the above documents and invites all appropriately qualified and experienced designers, constructors and industry stakeholders to review and provide comment and feedback as they deem appropriate.

It should be noted that Attachment 2 above provides a copy of the current Revision 1 document which shows all changes and amendments that have been made to the Rev G version of the ASG specification document. Attachment 1 above does not include any tracked changes.

All feedback on the Revision 1 document should be provided on the appropriate form (Attachment 3 above) and in excel format. Supplementary sketches (in PDF format) can also be attached to the feedback form if appropriate.

Please return your completed feedback form via email to Teresa Roetman and Tony Fairclough by 6:00pm on Wednesday 28 April 2021

The email details for Teresa and Tony are as follows:

The Panel of Experts would also be happy to entertain any photograph submissions for consideration for inclusion on the front cover of the “Revision 2” version of this document. Such photograph submissions should also be forwarded via email to Teresa and Tony by the above date.

Upon completing your review of the SESOC/NZGS specification you will note that, as per the previous ASG document, it only covers bored and driven type piles.

The Panel of Experts acknowledges that several different types of pile, in addition to the traditional bored and driven types, are currently constructed in New Zealand. As such work is currently underway to develop a reference specification for New Zealand industry that covers a wider range and type of pile construction, including but not limited to micro piles, screw piles, CFA piles, secant pile walls and diaphragm walls.

The results of a comprehensive global literature research and review process has identified that the publication “ICE Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls, Third Edition (2016)” provides an excellent baseline specification document for most if not all of the pile types that are currently constructed in New Zealand. Further details of this publication, which is often referred to as SPERWall, are available on the following page of the UK Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) website:

A full PDF copy of the SPERWall document can be purchased from the ICE website for £66.25.

The SESOC/NZGS Panel of Experts is currently working on an addendum document to make the SPERWall document more relevant and suitable for New Zealand conditions. It is currently anticipated that the final draft of such addendum document will be issued for public review and comment during Q4 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact Teresa Roetman or Tony Fairclough via email if you have any questions regarding this email.


Yours Sincerely,

Tony Fairclough

Chair – Piling Specification Panel of Experts

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