Welcome to the NZGS committee page.  This is only accessible to current committee members to enable the more efficient sharing of ideas and information.

Expenses and invoices

To claim expenses please use the form here.

If you need to raise an invoice (for example, to enable a sponsor to pay NZGS) please use the form here.


The calendars show the Committee calendar, used for reminders about deadlines, committee meetings etc, and the Engineering NZ calendar to help avoid clashes when scheduling events.

To add events to the internal (committee only) calendar click here.

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Setting up a new event in the calendar

These instructions explain how to successfully set up an event in the NZGS website calendar.

Putting an event into the NZGS calendar, and filling in the details properly, means that more people will find out about the event as it will show up in the right places on the site.  It will help avoid clashes, and enable our members to quickly import the event into their own calendars so they don’t forget to turn up.

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Setting up a new post in the news section – including job advertisements and expressions of interest

These instructions explain how to successfully set up an new post in the NZGS news section. The most recent five posts will also be shown in the home page. If a post is tagged as a job or as an expression of interest it will also appear in the pre-defined search pages for these items (see buttons on home page).

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