For release via MBIE Codewords at the end of January on Building Performance LMS website.

Three geotechnical online courses for geoprofessionals are being released on the Building Performance online learning site at the end of January. All courses are based on the geotechnical guidance created by MBIE and the NZ Geotechnical Society.

The courses are:

  • Earthquake resistant foundation design – This course is based on Module 4: Earthquake resistant foundation design.
  • Liquefaction – mitigating hazards – This course is based on Module 3: Identification, assessment and mitigation of liquefaction hazards.
  • Rockfall – passive protection structures – This course is based on Rockfall: Design considerations for passive protection structures.

These courses take about 30 minutes each to complete. Once you have completed a course, a Record of Learning can be printed off and used in your professional development portfolio.

To find these courses visit

How to log in

  • You will need to log in using your RealMe account and register your details the first time you do a course.
  • If you don’t have a RealMe account, select Login to create a username and password.

The modules these courses are based on and more technical guidance can be found in the geotechnical guidance section.

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Presented by Misko Cubrinovski 27th June 2023