The Young Geotechnical Professional (YGP) group are in the process of developing Geotechnical Engineering – Basics posters which are created by YGPs for YGPs. The idea behind these posters is to ‘bridge the gap’ between university assessment style theory and operating in industry general practice. Each poster has a theme and are expected to reference each other within its final iteration. The posters are intended to be simple, follow a logical process, and capture 80% of our day-to-day processes as geo-professionals.

The main rules to fit the above goals during poster production are:

  • All information should be able to fit on a single A3 poster
  • It should follow an analysis process (e.g. set up a ground model, perform correlation checks to confirm parameters, run analysis, check against industry standards)
  • It should reference industry-recognised methods of analysis/codes and standards.

These posters are not:

  • Going into extreme detail on specialty cases
  • A ‘be-all’ for all applications of each topic
  • A manual for ‘must dos’ nor a ‘specification/code’

We are currently in the process of creating the following posters:

  1. Slope Stability Assessment
  2. Retaining Wall Design
  3. Settlement
  4. Shallow Foundation Design
  5. Deep Foundation Design
  6. Liquefaction/Lateral Spread
  7. Engineering Geology – Ground Model

Our first poster, Slope Stability Assessment, is being released as part of this announcement to membership in the draft form for comment. We would encourage all users of this poster to provide feedback. The feedback for can be accessed via this link: NZGS YGP Geotechnical Basics – SSA Feedback

Draft Poster HERE

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