Feedback request – building code issues

- Ross Roberts

The NZGS is represented by the Chair and Vice-Chair, alongside other technical societies, on MBIE’s Building Code Technical Advisory Group (BCTRAG). This group meets with MBIE twice a year to present identified technical risks to MBIE, and we are keen to get feedback from NZGS members on any issues you may have identified with the Building Code or associated documents.

For example, risks already discussed have included

  • The definition of Good Ground (at this stage only in the context of explicitly excluding liquefaction prone ground).
  • The generally neglected state of New Zealand’s construction Standards, and, urgent need to review and update several such documents.
  • The need to urgently review, update and reissue the National Seismic Hazard model to align with current best practice.
  • The inconsistencies between the bridge manual and 1170.5 for seismic loading for geotechnical use.
  • The urgent need to review, update or rewrite and reissue NZS 1170.5 to include due consideration of geotechnical structures.
  • Inadequate addressing of amenity requirements (i.e. continued operability) for buildings following earthquakes.

Please use the form on this page to submit suggestions for NZGS to present to MBIE. We will compile the results into themed submissions, and will endeavour to get a response from MBIE on each risk raised. Since the group only meets every six months, and there are many societies presenting risks, please be patient awaiting responses as it may be some time before each issue can be raised and responded to.

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