If you enjoy using this website, and would like to see it improved for the future, this opportunity might be the one for you.

In 2015 the New Zealand Geotechnical Society undertook a major re-build of our website. It changed from a static site with limited information to a more comprehensive site built on a modern platform with a fully-fledged technical library. This library, complete with detailed search functionality, was the most significant change. Six years later the site is very well used, and the technical content is accessed by huge numbers of people. However, the underlying software is showing its age and the back-end for data entry is not very intuitive. It was built on a very limited budget, and this is beginning to show. The website needs to be rebuilt to ensure it remains stable, secure and easy to use.

Our current website manager (Olivia Gill) intends to continue to manage the website content, but needs a volunteer project manager to lead the upgrade project.

What’s involved?

You will need to work with the NZGS management committee and the current website manager to scope the project, identify a suitable supplier (which may be our current web host), and define what improvements are needed. This may involve surveying NZGS members.

Once the scope is defined and a supplier engaged, you’ll work closely with them during the re-design to ensure that it meets the needs of the Society.

The amount of time required isn’t yet known, but if it is similar to our 2015 project it is likely to last for about six months and take in the order of 10-20 hours per month.

What’s the benefit?

You’ll get to define how our website will work for the next five to ten years, and see the product of your efforts every day. You’ll interact with the full NZGS membership and management committee, which is a great way to build your professional network. Speaking from personal experience, this is a very satisfying task. If you want to know more about the role, contact me on chair@nzgs.org or through LinkedIn messenger – I lead the 2015 rebuild so can explain all about it.

What skills are needed?

You do not need to have web development skills – or any advanced IT skills at all – for this role. You will be organising others, and providing the perspective of the non-technical end user.

The key requirements are:

  • Well organised
  • Project management skills
  • Good communicator
  • A passion for knowledge sharing
  • A willingness to set aside enough time to do the job well

How to apply

Send your CV and a short email explaining why you’d like to take on the role to secretary@nzgs.org by the end of July 2021.

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