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Events / Evening Meeting / “Static Plate Load Testing with DIN 18134:2012-04: from CBR and density to stiffness approach”

“Static Plate Load Testing with DIN 18134:2012-04: from CBR and density to stiffness approach”

Date / Time
Sep 22, 2022 @ 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Northland - Nick Barounis 2022.2

Presented by Nick Barounis

  • Introduction
  • Parameter definitions and parameter estimation options for geotechnical engineers
  • The “Scale Effect Problem”: why and when to use the plate load test
  • Static Plate Load Test (PLT): Discussion and available international Standards
  • Focusing on DIN 18134:2012-04: (German) Soil –Testing procedures and testing equipment – Plate load test, English translation
  • Target outcomes of the test
  • Estimation of Ev1, Ev2, K, and CBR as per DIN 18134:2012-04
  • Load protocols and interpretation of test results • Soil characterisation scheme based on PLT results and its outcomes from NZ and overseas tests
  • Targets for acceptable compaction levels: Ev2/Ev1 ratios
  • A brief discussion on bearing capacity and estimation of cohesion and friction parameters
  • Examples and case histories from non-engineered fills, gravel rafts, and native soils
  • Scoping PLT requirements and associated health and safety requirements
  • Q and A session (30 mins)


Nick Barounisis a Geotechnical Engineer and Engineering Manager, and he is a Chartered Professional Engineer with ENZ (New Zealand) (CPEng IntPE). Nick has 23 years of international experience in geotechnical design, laboratory and on-site testing, and site investigations. He has published papers at conferences and he has over 20 years of experience with the execution and interpretation of plate load tests for various types of soils and aggregates for a variety of applications, ranging from non[1]engineered fills to “heavy-duty” pavements. Based on plate load test results Nick has published, at the 2017 NZGS conference, a scheme for characterising naturally formed in-situ soils before being treated or compacted. The presentation will cover many different applications, ranging from engineered to non-engineered fills, gravel rafts, and native untreated soils


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