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Nelson Urban Geology Revised Geological Map Presentation

Date/Time Dec 05, 2019 @ 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Event type Evening Meeting
Branch Nelson
Country New Zealand
Cost Free
Website N/A

Presented by Paul Worpereis, Mike Johnston, Francesca Ghisetti

The existing Nelson Urban Geology Map was published in 1979 and was based on mapping by Mike Johnston and earlier geologists. This was the first of the NZ Geological Survey urban geology series maps.

A draft revised Nelson Urban Geology Map has been compiled by Mike Johnston, Francesca Ghisetti and Paul Wopereis in 2019. The revised map captures additional geological information from new exposures and from geotechnical investigations associated with land development.

The mapping includes a new interpretation of the structural geology which has been modelled by Francesca using structural geology software. This new structural modelling explains the evolution of the complex geology of Nelson City through geological time.

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