The New Zealand Geotechnical Society (NZGS) is the affiliated organisation in New Zealand of the International Societies representing practitioners in soil mechanics, rock mechanics and engineering geology.  Full members of the NZGS must be affiliated to at least one of these societies:  

  • International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM)  
  • International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE)  
  • International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG)  

The NZGS is represented on the committees of these three organisations by an Australasian Vice President, who is normally nominated for a four-year period. We take turns with the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) to nominate a suitable candidate to represent the interests of both national groups.  When the Australasian Vice President (VP) is based in New Zealand, this individual sits on the NZGS management committee. When the Australasian VP is based in Australia, the NZGS selects a local representative to support the VP and report to the NZGS.   

The International Society Young Professional Coordinator Role Descriptions

In 2021, the NZGS management committee established three Young Professional Coordinator Roles which have been filled by one younger NZGS member for each of the three societies.  The term of these roles has now expired and it is time to find new representatives. Some of the key objectives of the roles are:

  • To facilitate better linkages between young NZGS members and their international colleagues.
  • To promote a wider understanding within the NZGS membership of the role and activities of the International Societies.
  • To promote YGP activities and collaboration in the three International Societies.
  • To develop young NZGS members for future leadership roles in the NZGS and / or the International Societies.
  • To support the Australasian Vice President (or the NZGS representative, where the Australasian VP is based in Australia).

The roles sit outside the main NZGS management committee. Because these roles are focused on coordination and collaboration, there are three reporting lines:

  • To the NZGS management committee, through the Australasian Vice President (or NZGS representative, where the Australasian VP is based in Australia).
  • To the NZGS management committee, through the NZGS Young Professionals representative.
  • To the young professional group within the International Society, where one exists and subject to the agreement of the relevant Society.

You will have the opportunity to represent the NZGS (and potentially the Australian Geomechanics Society) Young Professional community in the international stage. You will interact with a global community of young professionals and will have an active role in representing this community in the international societies. Your involvement will give you an in-depth understanding of the international society and NZGS activities. By actively interacting with the wider international community you will develop a greater awareness of current developments in our sector globally.

Applications are welcome from all eligible members of the NZGS. The final selection of candidates will be made by the NZGS committee, and the decision of the committee is final. The ideal candidate will meet the following criteria:

  • Strong communication skills, with ability to connect with others from around the world.
  • Demonstrated history of volunteer work, ideally for the NZGS or similar organisations.
  • NZGS membership for at least one year, including affiliation with the international society that you have applied to represent.

It is essential that you can still be considered a young professional at the end of your anticipated two-year term (i.e. at the start of 2026), based on the rules of the relevant society which are outlined in the position descriptions. The role descriptions can be accessed using the links below:


Applications will stay open until Monday 26 February 2024. Please submit a short CV, a letter of support from your employer, and a two-minute (or shorter) video describing:

  • Which international society you want to work with.
  • What you hope to achieve in your time in the role.
  • Why you affiliate with the international society that you have applied to represent.

Submissions should be made by email to We encourage you to ask questions before submitting your application if you have any questions about the roles or the process.

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