International Report – International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment

Published 30 June 2017
International Report – International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment


As I’m sure most are already aware Doug Johnson from Tonkin & Taylor in Auckland has taken over as the NZ Liaison for the IAEG. The purpose of the Liaison role is to provide a local contact for communication and to coordinate engineering geology initiatives within the NZGS while the VP role is held in Australia. Doug’s email address for correspondence is


The latest meeting of the IAEG Executive Committee was held in London over the weekend of 22-23 April 2017. The purpose of this meeting was to push ahead a number of actions at the international level so they can be prepared for discussion and approval at the next Council meeting scheduled for late November 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal. This next meeting in Nepal will be held in conjunction with the 11th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG.


Planning statements

The Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives have now been finalised after receiving feedback from the draft statements circulated last year. These will be presented to Council in November for final ratification. The next phase of planning is now underway which involves collating the current and planned goals and actions into the Strategic Plan. This will include the work of the Executive, Management Committees, technical Commissions, website and Bulletin.

Management committees

Chairpersons have now been appointed for the Management Committees established last year as listed in the November 2016 IAEG report. Membership, goals, actions and procedures are currently being established for each committee. Contact details for each committee will shortly be available on the IAEG website or send me an email and I can provide details if you wish to get in direct contact with any of these committees.


The new Young Engineering Geologists committee is now up and running. Louise Vick from NZ is the Chair (Louise is currently in Norway on a post-doc) with great assistance from Pedro Martins from Beca in Auckland. Morley Beckman from the US is helping coordinate YEG activities at the San Francisco Congress in 2018.
Louise and Pedro are seeking regional representatives from around the world to sit on the YEG committee. The responsibility of the regional representative will be outreach within your community. As the committee is relatively new, they are looking for motivated people interested in networking and able to contribute to the ongoing development of the committee. If you are interested please contact Louise at or Pedro at


The XIII IAEG Congress will be held in San Francisco 17-21 September 2018. The call for Written Paper Abstracts is now open. This call for abstracts is for papers to be published in the Congress Proceedings.  An additional call for abstracts will be distributed in January 2018 for oral presentations and posters. Abstract submittal information can be found at the meeting website:


Any feedback or comments regarding IAEG matters please feel free to send me an email.

Mark Eggers
Vice-President for Australasia

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