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YGP Symposium Reports 2021

South Island Young Geotechnical Professionals Symposium 2021

The South Island YGP Symposium was held in Christchurch on the 9th of June and was a great success. Congratulations to Tom Revell for winning the people’s choice award for his presentation on the southern hemisphere’s first rockfall canopy. Riwaj Dhakal took out the judges choice award with an enlightening presentation on liquefaction assessment methodologies for reclaimed land, with a particular focus on simplified procedures for reclaimed gravel.

Thanks to Geotechnics and Southern Geophysical who kindly sponsored this event. Julia Riding and Richard Justice provided mentorship throughout the day and also gave some pearls of wisdom about the experiences they have had throughout their careers to date. The day was capped off with a dinner in town which was a great opportunity to get to know fellow YGPs in a more informal setting.

Attendees of the South Island YGP Symposium.

Wellington Young Geotechnical Professionals Symposium 2021

In late July the 2nd NZGS Young Professionals Symposium was successfully delivered by the Wellington branch. 11 delegates, 3 mentors (Eleni Gkeli, Ayoub Riman and Safia Moniz) and representatives from our two sponsors (Geotechnics Ltd and Redi-Rock International) attended this one-day symposium. The excellent presentations by the delegates showcased some of the interesting things people are working on, and it was also great for everyone to network with people across our industry. Congratulations again to Isabella Barbalich, Ribu Dhakal, and Joshua Lee for taking out the awards for best presentations. A special thank you goes out to our three mentors who shared their valuable experience and provided good feedback to all delegates, and also to our sponsors and our host Engineering New Zealand for making this event possible. 

Attendees of the Wellington YGP Symposium.

Northland and Auckland Young Geotechnical Professionals Symposium 2021

The Northland and Auckland YGP Symposium was held in Auckland on 9th July 2021. It was a full-on day of high quality presentations from our 18 participants, and everyone agreed that they learnt a huge amount. Presentation topics varied from the highly technical to the not-so-serious. Congratulations to our two winners: Ashe Cooper (people’s choice award) and Gregory Clements (best presentation award). The day was concluded with dinner, which was a great time to relax and network. Many thanks to our mentors, Natasha Jokhan of Brian Perry Civil and Jethro Neeson of RDCL, who provided their guidance and expertise throughout the day. Thank you also to our sponsors who made the day possible: Cirtex, Geotechnics, RediRock and Beca.

Northland and Auckland YGP Symposium.

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