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Geophysical Investigation Introduction for Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Applications.

Date/Time Jul 13, 2020 @ 4:45pm - 6:00pm
Event type Evening Meeting
Branch Northland
Country New Zealand
Cost Free
Website N/A

Presented by Eva Sutter

Ground  investigations are there to make sure the ground we build on is suitable for the structure anticipated. Traditionally, this is assessed with common geotechnical tools such as machine boreholes, CPT’s, hand auger or scala testing. While these are great tools to get an accurate understanding of the ground properties at one single location per test, often an area-wide overview of geological, geotechnical and environmental property variations in the underground would be valuable to get a comprehensive image of a site and site performance. This is where geophysical methods have a huge advantage and are used with great benefit to a project in terms of risk reduction, as well as cost and time saving. The talk will provide an overview of the benefits arising from using geophysical investigations, the basic geophysical principles and present a few applications to projects around New Zealand.


Eva is a Geophysicist with 4 years’ experience in the geophysical consulting industry in Switzerland, Germany and New Zealand. She specialises in near-surface exploration techniques for applications in the engineering and environmental sectors. She has also more than 4 years of experience in geophysical research & development. With her strong can-do attitude towards difficult projects she is always keen to find a solution to solve even complex underground problems to help her clients reduce project risks, save money and time. Eva is a member of the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS), NZGS and holds a PhD and MSc in Applied Geophysics.

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