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Events / Course / Canterbury Uni – Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering – ENGE 412

Canterbury Uni – Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering – ENGE 412

Date / Time
Apr 11, 2017 @ 9:00am - 5:00pm
Canterbury University

This course is aimed at engineers and geologists who wish to learn the fundamentals of rock mechanics and how they are used in rock engineering. This course is delivered in two 2-day and one 1-day blocks, as well as self-directed learning through online course material. There are two 1-hour laboratories in groups and a local field trip.  Assessments consist of in-class Masteries, a group project and take-home exam.

A student completing this course will be able to:
1. Apply the principles of stress, strain, elasticity, and plasticity to intact rocks in the laboratory as a demonstration of understanding of these fundamental principles.
2. Collect sufficient discontinuity and rock mass data in the field to transfer the data into a description of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the discontinuities for interpretation of their relationship with stress, strain, elasticity, and plasticity.
3. Translate the output from laboratory testing and field data collection into inputs for selecting and using the appropriate analytical tools for different slope stability scenarios, and make recommendations for stabilisation based on the results of the stability analyses.
4. Comprehend the inter-relationships between given input parameters for different underground excavation scenarios by optimisation of mitigation and stabilisation techniques with project costs and functionality.
5. Evaluate the likely behaviours, select the appropriate tools for analysis, and suggest the appropriate mitigation techniques for a given range of stress, rock mass and scale conditions.
6. Develop a working knowledge of laboratory, field and analytical methodologies for rock mechanics through exposure during assessment in order to comprehend the methodologies and their limitations to be able to validly interpret their outputs given their limitations, and engage in problem solving of rock mechanics problems by developing a working relationship between engineering geologists and civil engineers.

Course coordinator/Lecturer: Marlène Villeneuve

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