Proceedings of the 20th NZGS Symposium

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Published 24 November 2017
Proceedings of the 20th NZGS Symposium

What in earth is going on? Balancing risk, reward regulation and reality.

Convenor’s introduction:

The 20th New Zealand Geomechanics Symposium was held in Napier, the Art Deco capital of the world. On behalf of the Symposium Committee and NZGS I was delighted to welcome the keynote lecturers Emeritus Professor John Atkinson, Ruth Allington, Professor David Petley and Professor Michael Pender. We were honoured to have them share their knowledge with us.

Geotechnical work involves risk and uncertainty, and this is reflected in the symposium theme what in earth is going on; balancing risk, reward regulation and reality. The theme is reflected in our keynote presenters, who are all adept and experienced at the reality of balancing risk and reward in geotechnical work. We also focused on the effects of the Kaikoura Earthquake in Wellington, and the implications for the profession of the extensive damage this event caused. The technical stream of the symposium was rounded out by our session reporters, who summarised and discuss more than 70 papers presented in these proceedings.

I wish to acknowledge the financial support which was afforded by the Symposium sponsors and exhibitors. Symposia like this cannot happen without the support these organisations offer, and we thank them for this, with particular thanks to our Principal Sponsors Brian Perry and Tonkin + Taylor.
Finally, the Organising Committee comprising Guy Cassidy, Ross Roberts, Gavin Alexander, David Milner, Tom Bunny and Safia Moniz have contributed a huge amount of energy and time over the past two years. Their commitment and work, ably assisted by Angie Rawlinson and Amanda Blakey, have enabled this symposium to occur. I would like to publicly and warmly thank each of them for the outstanding contributions made.

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