Photo Competition

Photo Competition

Steve Bowden going into the penstock to carry out 3D scanning for monitoring purposes, including geotech issues. Site: Maraetai hydroelectric powerstation, Mangakino. Photo: Andres Martinez, Cheal Consultants Ltd, Taupo.

Sumner geotechnical remediation project, Christchurch. Photo: Regan King, Jacobs, Christchurch

NK2 headrace. Photo: John Underhill, AECOM, Auckland

Abseilers working to remove a block from the face using an airbag, State Highway 1, Kaikoura. Photo: Jono Claridge, Opus, Christchurch

RDCL’s Rig 03, CPT testing to 60m at Padcal Mine, Philippines. Photo: Tom Grace, RDCL, Hastings.

‘The lazy geologist’, taken in 2013 during my first year of working. The site is located in Gulf Harbour, Auckland, and I was on site to log machine borehole core and complete a few hand auger tests. There just happened to be a couple of comfy seats on the property for me to have lunch and take in the views of Auckland city and Rangitoto Island. Photo: Will Mathieson, KGA Geotechical, Christchurch.

Drilling platform for new bridge at Kawarau Falls, Queenstown. Photo: Jeff Bryant, Geoconsulting Ltd, Queenstown.

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