New Zealand Geotechnical Database Statistics

John Scott
Published 16 December 2017
New Zealand Geotechnical Database Statistics

The following graphics are some key statistics that may be of interest to NZGD users.  The NZGD is co-funded by MBIE and EQC.

The makeup of the NZGD users by profession and year is varied, but dominated by geotechnical engineers (Figure 1), as would be expected.

Figure 1: Users of the NZGD by profession

The approximately 4500 current users are spread internationally as shown in Figure 2.  This illustrates the significance of this NZGD as an international research tool.

Figure 2: Users of the NZGD by location (International)

The spread of data throughout the country is shown in Figure 3.  This spread, while encouraging in some areas of the country, also illustrates there is still some work to do in several areas including Gisborne, the western and central North Island and the lower third of the South Island.  If there is anything you can do to help upload new data please don’t hesitate to send a message to the NZGD support email.



Figure 3: Contributors to the NZGD by location (New Zealand)


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