Joint MBIE/NZGS geotechnical engineering guidance, Module 1: “Overview of the Guidelines” of the `Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Practice’ series, has now been published as Building Act s 175 guidance; refer to 1-Overview_web.pdf.

It is also available on both the New Zealand Geotechnical Society (NZGS) and MBIE websites. This version is being issued for public comment. NZGS members are encouraged to make use of this document and return comments to the NZGS Secretary ( within six months for consideration by the editorial committee.

The guidelines are evolving from the single NZGS document published in July 2010 (Module 1 – Guideline for the identification, assessment and mitigation of liquefaction hazards) into a series of modules being developed in partnership by MBIE and NZGS.

This is the second of the new modules to be published; the first Module 5a, Specification of ground improvement for residential properties in the Canterbury region, was published in October 2015.  A revised version of the existing Liquefaction module is now being finalised and will be published shortly. Due to the expansion of the series the numbering system has changed, and the old Module 1 will now become Module 3.

The full list of documents currently in preparation is as follows, and further modules are being planned:

Module 2: Geotechnical Investigation for Earthquake Engineering

Module 3: Identification, assessment, and mitigation of liquefaction hazards

Module 4: Earthquake Resistant Foundation Design

Module 5: Ground Improvement

Module 6: Retaining Walls

Technical Guidance

Joint MBIE/NZGS Guidance:  Module 1 of the `Earthquake Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Practice’ series “Overview of the Guidelines” – March 2016

This document has been released under s 175 of the Building Act providing an overview of the series of modules on earthquake geotechnical engineering being developed in partnership by MBIE and NZGS. This version is issued for public comment and NZGS members in particular are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the document and provide comment.

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