Our AGM is coming up in September, which means that it’s time to elect your new management committee. Our committee members are elected for two years, and normally we have equal numbers of members who are at the end of their first year (i.e. rolling over without needing re-election) and standing down or for re-election. This year things are a little different – because of a quirk in our rules all the committee except the chair and vice-chair are up for re-election, meaning there are five places available. Fortunately we have 11 candidates, all very strong, to replace them (including two of the current committee who are re-standing).

If you’re a paid-up member of NZGS you should have received voting instructions this morning. If you haven’t, please check your membership status.

When voting, I recommend that you consider:

  • The mix of skills required on the committee to deliver all the work we’ve started (see more here: https://nzgs-old.digitalmachine.co.nz/activities/).
  • The mix of experience, diversity and discipline that would make an effective committee.
  • The track record and future potential of those standing in delivering the type of activities we undertake and in providing voluntary time.


The NZGS Management Committee structure comprises, as a minimum, six elected members, an appointed secretary and four ex-officio members. In addition, up to four co-opted members may be appointed. In accordance with the Society rules, elected membership of the committee is for a two-year period. Our current members are:

  • Ross Roberts (Chair moving to Immediate Past Chair)
  • Eleni Gkeli (Vice Chair and Treasurer, moving to Chair)
  • Jen Smith (outgoing member seeking re-election)
  • Rolando Orense (outgoing member seeking re-election)
  • Sally Hargraves (outgoing member not seeking re-election)
  • Sally Dellow (outgoing member not seeking re-election)
  • Teresa Roetman (Management Secretary, Appointed).

Co-opted members are Helen Hendrickson (YGP Representative), Olivia Gill (Website Manager) and Gabriele Chiaro (Lead Co-Editor, Geomechanics News).

Ex-officio members are: Tony Fairclough (Immediate Past Chair, outgoing) and the three International Society Vice-Presidents: Phil Robins (ISSMGE), Paul Horrey (ISRM) and Doug Johnson (IAEG).


Eleven nominations have been received for the five available positions. Nominations received are (in alphabetical order):

Lee Buhagiar
Jonathan Claridge
Matthew Fitzmaurice
Richard Justice
Jordan Moll
Rolando Orense
Ayoub Riman
John Scott
Jen Smith
Emilia Stocks
Matthew Wansbone

Please take the time to read through the profiles here and consider the range of representation, both discipline-wise and geographically, you would like on the NZGS Management Committee and that would best represent the membership. Consider the work that NZGS has underway and the skills and time needed on the committee to achieve our goals.

Electronic ballot

You should have received an email this morning which contains a unique voting link and ID. If you received two, we apologise for the initial misfire! All voters should have received a corrected second email which allows you to vote for five individuals. Please use the link in this second email and follow the instructions on the voting email to place your votes.  Each person will be allowed to vote for a minimum of 1 nominees and a maximum of 5 nominees as per the vacancies available.

Please complete the electronic ballot by 13th August 2021. You can only use this link ONCE. The results of the electronic ballot will be announced via email to all members once confirmed formally at the AGM in Auckland on Tuesday 7 September.

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