New NZGS website goes live

We have completed a major upgrade to the NZGS website to build in better security, future-proofed hosting, and a more intuitive editor. Most of the improvements are invisible to the every-day user, but we hope that you’ll enjoy the streamlined user interface and some of the new features we’ve built.

All the existing content, and your existing log-in, should be unchanged. If you do encounter any problems please contact our two new website coordinators Jordan Moll and Jono Claridge by email at

Our most exiting new features are:

Improved branch pages

Your local branch page now automatically picks up relevant news, events and library items that have been tagged to your branch and shows them in one place so you can quickly find content relevant to you. You may want to bookmark this and use it as your NZGS home page – a one-stop-shop for everything relevant to your area.

It also now lists who is in each branch to help you link up with other locals. Make sure your profile is linked to your branch (or branches) by clicking the “profile” button at the top of the page and selecting the relevant branch (hold down the CTRL key to select multiple branches).

See more about the available branches here:

Brand new technical groups

Technical groups have been set up to be identical to Branches – but instead of being aimed at a geographical area, they’re intended to help link up people with shared technical interests across the country. A great example is our existing Young Geotechnical Professionals group.

As with Branches, you can join as many groups as you desire. Make sure your profile is linked to your technical groups by clicking the “profile” button at the top of the page and selecting the relevant groups (hold down the CTRL key to select multiple groups).

Other groups have been set up for:

  • Core knowledge – a place to share what we think every geo-professional in NZ should know
  • Sustainability and climate change – a new group focused on the biggest challenge of our generation

Contact the management committee if you think there’s a need for other technical groups to be set up (and be prepared to volunteer to keep them active!).

See more about the available branches here:

Better search function

The search function gives more useful results, and now allows you to limit your search to the library, news items, events or even specific authors to get you to the information you need much faster.

Better communication about what we’re doing

Building on the start made in the last couple of years, we’re continuing our efforts to keep you better informed of activities being led by the managment committee. To help with this we have listed everything we’re up to, and will be trying to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

You can find out about all our activities here:

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