MBIE Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods consultation

- Ross Roberts

Since the last Acceptable Solution and Verification Method update, a number of cited Standards have been amended or updated and new Standards and other documents have been published.  MBIE is proposing to incorporate some of these into the relevant Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods in November after a period of public consultation.  In particular, the following need amending:

  • Building Code Clause B1 Structure:  B1/VM1
  • Building Code Clause B2 Durability: B2/AS1
  • Building Code Clause E2 External Moisture: E2/VM1, E2/AS1
  • Building Code Clause G12 Water Supplies: G12/VM1, G12/AS1, G12/AS2
  • Building Code Clause G13 Foul Water:  G13/AS1, G13/VM2, G13/AS2, G13/AS3

MBIE is also proposing to revoke the Simple House Acceptable Solution (SH/AS1).  This was developed specifically for the “Starter Home” design competition in 2008 to promote the concept of affordable housing.  Anecdotal evidence from the sector is that few architects and designers refer to it because of its limitations on floor and roof shapes.  MBIE does not consider SH/AS1 “fit for purpose” because of its limited scope, poor uptake and the information it contains is readily available elsewhere.

Consultation on both these issues will run from 8 August to 21 September.  Please note the consultation documents and supporting information will be available on the MBIE website (www.mbie.govt.nz) from midday on 8 August.  Any amendments will be published and effective from 30 November.

Ross Roberts
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