The New Zealand Federation of Piling Specialists – an introduction

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The New Zealand Federation of Piling Specialists – an introduction

With the significant growth currently being experienced in the foundations market it has been
recognized by many of the leading geotechnical contractors that collectively they lacked a voice and
ability to shape the industry in terms of quality, Health and Safety and general best practice. Taking
inspiration from the United Kingdom’s construction industry where a trade association group known
as the Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) has been representing the geotechnical industry there
and fostering better standards since its inception in 1963, five leading geotechnical contractors have
set about establishing a New Zealand equivalent of the FPS.
The New Zealand FPS (NZFPS) has been created with the purpose of:
– maintaining and improving the standards of workmanship, technical competence, safety and
innovation in carrying out specialist foundation techniques of all types and kinds;
– promoting the common interests of its members and expressing the views of its members to
government departments, consulting and civil engineers, architects, contractors, professional
institutions, public authorities, nationalised industries and other interested parties; and
– conducting training, setting standards and monitoring work in relation to any of the above.
The membership registration system sets out a rigorous benchmark to ensure that its members
maintain highest standards in the above areas in-keeping with the objectives of the NZFPS.

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