News – AVF basalt

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Published 01 December 2018
News – AVF basalt

Fig. 1: Tank Farm – Onepoto; Mt Cambria – North Head; Mt Victoria – The Domain; Grafton – Mt Hobson; Orakei – St Heliers; Panmure – Te Hopua; Otara Hill – Styaks Swamp*; Green Mount – Hampton Park; Mangere Lagoon–Mt Robertson; Pukewairiki–Waitomokia; Otuataua–Pukaki; Cemetery Crater*–Puhinui Craters*; Ash Hill–Kohuora
* high priority volcanoes

Our aim is to date every volcano in the field to get a better understanding of how the field works, what we can expect from future eruptions, and to prepare and mitigate the volcanic risk to the population and infrastructure.

As part of the Determining Volcanic Risk in Auckland (DEVORA) programme, scientists have now dated ~3/4 of the AVF volcanoes, but there are still many gaps in our knowledge!

How can you help?
To reach our ambitious goal, we still need lava and/or organic samples from the following volcanoes, whose locations and deposit extents are shown in the map to the left

What Do We Need?
Sample of >400 g lava (see Fig. 2) or >1 g organic material (peat, charcoal, wood)

  • Location of sample (map coordinates)
  • Drilling log (to ascertain depths, thicknesses, and stratigraphic order)

We are looking for dense, crystalline lava with few vesicles and a ‘sugary’ texture (see 2b, above). This kind of lava is found in the center of lava flows and usually breaks off into large (5-15 cm thick) plates. For organic material, we are looking for wood, charcoal, or peat that is either contained within a volcanic tuff layer or lies directly above/below a lava flow or tuff layer.

Other Important Information
Any and all dates obtained via the project, and their implications, will be made freely available to the public upon publication of the data.

Contact Us!
If you find lava or organic material around the listed volcanoes, please contact: Dr. Tracy Howe ( or Elaine Smid ( For more information about DEVORA, please check out our webpages:


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