Modelling of single pile-soil interaction using Ruaumoko

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Published 01 September 2008
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Modelling of single pile-soil interaction using Ruaumoko

A model was developed to represent single piles embedded in cohesive soil deposits using the Ruaumoko analysis program, utilizing the available capabilities and modifications of existing elements. The non-linearity of both the soil and the pile was able to be represented within the
model in order to accurately characterise the behaviour of the soil-pile system.

Using a range of pile solutions, the accuracy of the model was verified for monotonic, cyclic and dynamic loading. Monotonic loading characteristics were identical to closed form Winkler bed of springs solutions for displacement, rotation, bending moment, and shear down the pile
shaft. Similar monotonic loading comparisons incorporating gapping adjacent to the pile indicated matching characteristics to a previously developed pile gapping program. Data from cyclic loading at the tip of a column/pile shaft was well represented by the Ruaumoko model using force-displacement, gap opening, and bending moment characteristics. Finally, the displacement and velocity at the head of a dynamically loading pile were identical for the Ruaumoko model and closed form solutions.

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