IAEG Report June 2020

Published 10 July 2020
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IAEG Report June 2020

IAEG March Meeting

The IAEG meeting planned for Delhi in March was cancelled due to Covid-19 Travel restrictions. No replacement meeting has been planned at this stage.

It was planned to review rule changes at this meeting but no progress has been made. I have followed up with Scott Burns who is leading this work and apart from acknowledgment of my emails I am uncertain of what is now happening in this area.

There has been limited official correspondence with the IAEG Executive committee over the past few months. I have advocated a Zoom/Teams/Skype meeting but this has not appeared to get traction.

Hans Cloos Medal and Marcel Arnould Medal

Voting for Hans Cloos Medal and Marcel Arnould Medal was completed electronically. The winners of these awards are:

  • Professor Faquan Wu of China – Hans Cloos Medal
  • Professor Martin Culshaw of Great Britain – Marcel Arnould Medal.

Fred Baines was nominated by AGS and supported by NZGS for the Marcel Arnould Medal but was not successful past the first round of voting.

Newly elected National Groups

Applications have been received and supported for IAEG National Groups to be established in

  • Mongolia
  • Costa Rica

Executive and Council Meeting in Sept (affiliated to 2nd European IAEG Conference in Athens)

I have had little correspondence on this other than the conference is still planned to proceed in September at this stage. I hope to get updates from IAEG on this soon.

Doug Johnson
IAEG Australiasian Vice President DJohnson@tonkintaylor.co.nz


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