Conference Reports (1st Auckland & Northland Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Symposium)

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Published 01 December 2018
Conference Reports (1st Auckland & Northland Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Symposium)


Left: Winners 1 – Best presentations: Tiana Epati & Áine McCarthy
Right: Winners 2 – Spot prize (Scala lifter from Underground Investigations) – Tobias Francis

The inaugural Auckland & Northland Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Symposium was held on 27 September 2018 at the Grand Mercure Hotel. Throughout the day each of the 15 attendees delivered a 10-minute presentation, suffering the fate of Grant Murray with a Nerf gun if they ran overtime, before answering a few questions. A good day was had by all, with the chance to learn from and get to know a few more of their peers. The day was finished off with dinner and awards at Mexico.

Grant’s pick for best presentation went to Tiana Epati from Hawthorn Geddes for her presentation “How to create an environment to achieve successful outcomes when working with contractors”. The people’s choice award went to Áine McCarthy from Jacobs for her presentation “Characterising the settlement potential of Auckland volcanic ash”. Tobias Francis of GWE Consulting Ltd picked up the spot prize of a Scala Jack donated by Underground Investigation.

We were joined by YGP representatives from Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch so similar events are likely to run elsewhere in
the first half of next year.

Thanks to Geotechnics and Underground Investigation who sponsored the day and to Grant Murray of JGM Associates and Ross Roberts of Auckland Council for providing mentorship.



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