The New Zealand Geotechnical Society Geomechanics Award is awarded every three years and shall be presented at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. The award shall be made to the Society member or members producing the adjudged “best” published paper during the three years ending 31st July 2017 preceding the date of the Award, in any publication at the discretion of the Management Committee. The winning paper will be that considered to be distinguished in its contribution to the development of geotechnics in New Zealand.

All Society members who are authors of any paper published within the previous three years shall be eligible, provided that at least one author is a member and a member nominates the paper in writing during the year of the award.

The award is valued at $2000 as well as the New Zealand Geotechnical Society covering travel expenses and associated costs to present your paper throughout the country.

The NZ Geomechanics Award is bestowed on the author(s) of papers that are distinguished in their contribution to the development of geotechnics in New Zealand.

All nominations must be in before 5pm 30th April 2018 to

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