Engineering NZ and ACE New Zealand have asked for feedback from the geotechnical community on their plans to improve the producers statement forms. They have already collected feedback from individual ENZ members with an online survey, and are now looking for feedback from technical societies. NZGS is now preparing our summary from the geotechnical community this week.

Please consider the following questions, but do not limit your feedback to only these topics:

  • Are the current Producer Statement forms fit for purpose?
  • What works well on the current forms?
  • What causes problems and should be changed?
  • Would allowing Producer Statements to be integrated into CAD programmes or similar be beneficial for you?
  • Do you change the Producer Statement forms currently?
  • Do the Producer Statement forms have enough space to fit all the information?

If you have any comments about the current forms or suggestions for improvement please comment below (you must be logged in to comment), or email

Feedback closes at midnight on Thursday 21 May.

UPDATE 26 May 2020: The feedback provided on behalf of the NZGS is available here – 2020-05-26 Feedback to ENZ on Producer Statement forms

One thought on “Feedback on Producer Statement forms

  1. Producer Statement feedback
    -Text boxes for “Description” and “Drawings” aren’t always large enough, 2 lines or the ability to shrink text size would be helpful
    -Drawings ref: Sometimes there are too many drawings to reference, so we write “refer to attached design package, ref. XX, dated XX/XX/XX”

    Kent Morgan
    Senior Geotechnical Engineer
    HD Geo

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