Auckland Online Presentation – Drilled Displacement Piles/Elements for Liquefaction Mitigation

Presented by W.Morgan NeSmith (P.E),

Director of Engineering, Berkel & Company, Atlanta, USA

Liquefaction induced settlement or structure movement due to lateral spread are two significant design challenges in seismically active areas. In deep liquefiable sands (e.g. 9 m and deeper), traditional vibration or soil mixing techniques may prove to be financially and operationally inefficient. Drilled displacement systems that densify the sands by mechanically displacing them laterally can be an efficient alternative in this scenario. The presentation will provide background on drilled displacement piles/elements and their modification to ground improvement systems including for liquefaction mitigation.

Morgan is the Director of Engineering at Berkel & Company and has more than 20 years of experience in geotechnical contracting and consulting. Since 2004, he has specialized in the design and installation of cast-in-place piles and ground improvement systems for Berkel & Company Contractors. Morgan is a Deep Foundation Institute (DFI) trustee and the immediate past chair and current trustee liaison of the DFI ACIP and DD Pile Technical Committee.


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Online Webinar – Guidelines for the Development and Application of Engineering Geological Models on Projects


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Wednesday 7 Oct 2020

AEST: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

NZ:  8pm – 9pm


Experienced practitioners throughout the world are concerned that many of the sophisticated engineering geological studies that are currently being carried out exhibit a lack of understanding of the fundamental principles of engineering geology.

To counter this trend, a working group of IAEG Commission 25, is attempting to establish Guidelines to provide succinct, practical, accessible and authoritative advice on how to create effective Engineering Geological Models for use on projects. These Guidelines are aimed at practitioners from around the world involved in projects ranging from investigating single storey dwellings to constructing a major piece of infrastructure or carrying out a regional study for planning purposes.

The background, progress and interim findings of Commission 25 will be presented and the key messages of the Guidelines will be illustrated with both practical and theoretical examples from a variety of projects.



This webinar event will utilise a browser-based platform, and thus no download of additional programs is required by attendees.

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Please note that you will also need to be able to suitably access the internet to attend the online event.

ENZ Webinar – Defect bored piles – Causes, assessment and remediation strategies

Concrete bored piles are commonly used for the foundation of buildings or structures like bridges, rail, airport or port facilities. This webinar addresses the most common defects in relation to defect foundation elements of building and structures, introduces the most common methods to assess such defects and suggests remediation strategies for some of the most common defects.
Duration: 1 hour
Presenter: Martin Larisch