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Events / Webinar / Rapid Building Assessors and Geotechnical engineers responding to Cyclone Gabrielle

Rapid Building Assessors and Geotechnical engineers responding to Cyclone Gabrielle

Date / Time
Feb 17, 2023 @ 3:00pm - 4:30pm



The impacts of tropical Cyclone Gabrielle are now affecting many areas in the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand and may cause significant flooding and damage to infrastructure and buildings.

The MBIE Building Emergency Management response team are working to support those Territorial Authorities and communities in the North Island that are affected by this event.

MBIE are coordinating the national response of Rapid Building Assessors (RBAs)
We are preparing for the deployment of RBAs to the affected areas to conduct post-event assessments. MBIE is coordinating the national level of initial deployment of RBA resource. Once deployed to a region RBAs will be managed by the local response teams who have responsibility for leading their RBA operations.

MBIE is currently working through logistics for RBA deployment. Engineering New Zealand will be hosting an information and induction webinar for rapid building assessors at 3.00pm Friday 17 February, with details of what you can expect when on deployment. This is an information session for Rapid Building Assessors and Geotechnical Engineer who are currently deployed or able to be deployed in the response.

We will be providing information on:

  • The legislative framework you will be working under and what your responsibilities are.
  • What to expect on deployment – what equipment to take, the operating environment and how to keep yourself safe.
  • Carrying out assessments – how you will work with the local TAs to complete assessments.
  • How to respond to impacted people in the affected communities, and respond to the media.

Availability to support the response
If you are able to provide support and are available for deployment please advise us by emailing buildingactemergencymanagement@mbie.govt.nz with the subject line ‘Availability for RBA deployment’.

Please tell us:

  • When you would be available for deployment.
  • How long you would be available to assist on deployment e.g. 3 -5 days.
  • Preferred contact telephone number for us to contact you.

If possible, please also have a conversation with your employer and confirm that they are happy for you to provide support for this period.

If you have previously responded to the Auckland flood event but are now able to assist with this situation please let us know this.

It is recommended that you prepare now and ensure that you have your own ‘go-bag’ packed and ready to go if called upon.  The RBA field guides have information on what should be included, such as personal protection equipment, your RBA identification, wet weather gear, travel pack with sleeping bag and personal medications etc.



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