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Events / Evening Meeting / Quantitative Risk Analysis of Fragmental Rockfalls

Quantitative Risk Analysis of Fragmental Rockfalls

Date / Time
Jan 15, 2020 @ 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Australian Geomechanics Society

Presented by Prof Jordi Corominas from the Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Most rocks break up following their first impact and this makes a difference in how the many smaller pieces travel down the hill. Although the smaller parts may travel shorter distances on more gentle slopes, on steeper slopes fragmentation may increase the risk of impact.
Jordi has recently been awarded with the first LARAM Honor Lecture (Sept 2018) and the talk he will present to us will be derived from the material presented at that lecture.
LARAM – LAndslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation (Salerno University, Italy) – Jordi was also one of the founders of the LARAM school.

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