Core Activities

Branch activities

NZGS management committee lead: Sally Hargraves

Core team: Local Branch Representatives (find your branch here)

The NZGS branches exist to run technical talks, social events, and other activities as they see fit for their local members. See the events calendar for upcoming events, and if you don't see any events that you'd like to attend, please contact your local branch representative, or the NZGS committee lead, to share your ideas.

We are also able to arrange for international speakers to present to us all in a one-off virtual presentation.  Please contact the NZGS committee lead if you have any suggestions for either individual presenters or topics of interest.

Formal courses and international / touring guest speakers

NZGS management committee leads: Sally Dellow & Jen Smith

The NZGS runs courses for our members to help develop the skills needed to operate in our profession. Typically we run between one and four courses a year, depending on demand. Details of future events are available in our events calendar. If you have any suggestions for workshops, or wish to volunteer to present a workshop, please contact our secretary or the NZGS committee leads.

NZ Geomechanics News

NZ Geomechanics News is our bi-annual technical magazine. You can find out more about it here.


NZGS management committee lead: Rolando Orense

The NZGS presents a number of awards and coordinates the nomination of our members for international awards. You can find out more about the awards available here. If you have a nominee for an award please contact our secretary or the NZGS committee lead.


NZGS management committee lead: Olivia Gill

Our website is the repository of all NZGS information. If you have any questions about the website please contact our secretary or the NZGS committee lead.

Weekly email newsletter

NZGS management committee lead: Teresa Roetman

Our weekly email newsletter is our main day-to-day communication channel with members, sharing information about events and NZGS activities. If you have any items you would like adding to the email please contact our secretary.

Young Professionals Group

NZGS management committee lead: Helen Hendrickson

Core team: Romy Ridl (ISRM liaison), Nima Taghipouran (ISSMGE liaison), Sarah Barrett (IAEG liaison), and Miles Buob (YGP training materials)

The NZGS is a strong supporter of actions to help develop the skills and experience of our younger members. We run events in New Zealand and jointly with our colleagues in Australia and have a Young Professional Representative on the NZGS management committee. This position, selected from nominations, is internally focused, with an emphasis on activities within New Zealand and Australia. We also support greater international involvement for our young professionals with local liaison roles for each of the three international societies.

If you have any suggestions for young professionals activities please contact our secretary or the NZGS committee lead.