Who can join?

Engineers, scientists, technicians, contractors, students and others who are interested in the practice and application of soil mechanics, rock mechanics and engineering geology.

Admission to membership of the Society is subject to the approval of the Management Committee.  See our rules for full details.

Membership categories

Standard membership categories

Full Membership is our standard category of membership, open to all suitable individuals.

Student Membership is available for bona-fide full-time students of any tertiary institution in New Zealand who have an interest in the practice or application of soil mechanics, rock mechanics and engineering geology.

Honorary membership categories

Life Membership is awarded by the Management Committee to recognise unusual service to the Society.  To nominate an individual for Life Membership contact the Secretary.

Long Service Membership is a special category of membership to recognise members who have made contributions to the society over many decades.  It may be conferred on any person who has been a full member of the Society for a continuous period in excess of 40 years. Short breaks in the continuity of membership may be waived at the discretion of the Management Committee. Applications for Long Service Membership shall be made by the member to the Secretary.

Life members and Long service members are not required to pay a subscription (except where an affiliation to an International Society is desired).

How to join

To join please download the application form below, fill it in, and send a hard copy to:

The Secretary, NZ Geotechnical Society Inc., IPENZ, PO Box 12-241, Wellington

The process can take up to 4 weeks. You will hear from the Secretary of the NZ Geotechnical Society once your membership is approved or rejected.

Full Members are required (and Student Members encouraged) to affiliate to at least one of the International Societies.


Subscriptions are paid on an annual basis with the start of the Society's financial year (1st October). A 50% discount is offered to members joining the society for the first time. This offer excludes the international society fees. No reduction of the first year's subscription is made for joining the Society part way through the financial year.

Annual subscription

Full Membership

$135 + GST ($67.50 +GST for new members)



Life Members


Long Service Members


International Society affiliation fees

All full members are required to affiliate to at least one of the International Societies. Affiliation fees for International Societies are in addition to the basic membership fee:

International Society for Soil Mechanics (ISSMGE)


International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM)


International Association of Engineering Geology & the environment (IAEG) (without the Bulletin)


IAEG with The Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment (the official journal of the IAEG)