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Earthquake Resistant Foundation Design (MBIE/NZGS Module 4 Guidelines)

Date/Time Jul 18, 2018 @ 9:00am - 4:30pm
Event type Course
Branch Otago
Country New Zealand
Cost $575.00
Website https://www.engineeringnz.org/courses-events/event/earthquake-resistant-foundation-design-1786/
Presenter secretary

Presented by Kevin McManus and Paul Campbell

This course will focus on the design of earthquake resistant building foundations in engineering practice with direct reference to the recently published MBIE & NZGS guidelines document, Module 4: Identification, Earthquake Resistant Foundation Design. An In-depth coverage of the Guidelines will be given as well as explanations of the context within New Zealand’s building regulations. Practical examples will be used to demonstrate design procedures in detail.

In-depth coverage of Module 4 will be provided, together with explanations of the thinking behind each recommendation.  Additional practical detail will be provided by demonstration of worked examples.

The content will cover performance objectives for earthquake resistant foundation design within the context of New Zealand’s building regulations and load and resistance factored design (LRFD) methodology.

A strategy for assessing site performance, remediation, and foundation selection will be given including discussion of all key issues.
Requirements and detailed design procedures for both shallow and deep foundations will be covered including the effects of lateral loading and kinematic effects.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss information and reasoning around specific aspects with the lead author of the guidelines.

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