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Faulting within the Hamilton Basin: Recent Progress

Date/Time Apr 04, 2017 @ 8:00am - 5:30pm
Event type Evening Meeting
Branch Waikato
Country New Zealand
Cost Free
Website N/A

Three MSc students, an undergraduate student undertaking a special topic, and a Summer Scholarship student have been busy collecting data for the hidden faults project attempting to quantify the frequency and magnitude of local seismic activity in the Hamilton Basin. This has included a compilation of historical records of earthquake damage within the Hamilton Basin since 1853, geological mapping along the river, and resistivity surveys at sites where faults identified within the river bed were inferred to cross the landscape. This work has been greatly assisted by access to faults exposed by the development of the Hamilton Section of the Waikato Expressway, and an opportunity to calibrate the resistivity equipment against a detailed set of CPT, borehole and trial pit data for the inland port development near the University.

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