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Auckland & Northland Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Symposium

Date/Time Sep 27, 2018 @ 8:30am - 10:00pm
Event type Day Meeting
Branch Auckland
Country New Zealand
Cost $200
Website N/A
Presenter ross-roberts

The first Auckland & Northland Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Symposium is happening this year. If you are eligible but not going to 12YGPC, this is for you.

What is it

A one day event where the young people of the local geotechnical industry gather to share and learn from each other. Hopefully you will not only learn but leave more enthused and motivated for your career. It is a shortened, local, less formal version of the highly successful ANZ YGP conference.

Who is it for

Auckland Branch young members (under 35 & less than 10 years’ experience – we won’t check!). We want people at all levels of experience in this range.

I’m going to 12YGPC, can I still come?

Yes but your topic needs to be different and others will be given priority for presentation slots.

What is required of me

To register you need to provide a 100 to 200 word summary of a geotechnical topic which you can commit to making a 10 minute presentation on at the event (if you missed out on 12YGPC your abstract will be perfect!). The topic should be something that your peers can learn from. This could be:

  1. A project in which you have learnt something
  2. An original investigation or examination of a topic
  3. A resource or paper you find valuable for your work
  4. An item of research
  5. Other – it just needs to be something geotechnically relevant that others can learn from.

The presentation should be at your level. We want to hear from graduates as well as those who are almost no longer “young”!

No written paper is required. There will be a short question time after each presentation.

What is the due date?

Your presentation summary is due by Tuesday 24 July.

Will everyone present?

The majority of attendees will be required to present on the day, however due to time limitations not all will get the chance. We will advise those presenting approximately 6 weeks in advance.

What will the day look like?

An anticipated schedule is set out below. Note that some of the presentation sessions might be split into streams to maximise the number of presentations:

Where will it be held?

The location is yet to be confirmed but it will be in central Auckland.

I’m from south of Auckland, can I still come?

No – this is arranged by Auckland/Northland members for Auckland/Northland members. NZGS will support similar events in other regions subject to members from that region volunteering to organise the event. Contact auckygp@gmail.com if you are interested in bringing this to your region.

How do I register?

Please register your interest by submitting your presentation summary to auckygp@gmail.com. We need to confirm a few more details and get a
better idea of numbers, at which stage there will be a formal registration/payment process.

What is the cost?

The cost is expected to be around $200, including dinner. We’ll confirm this in a few weeks’ time.

It there a prize?

A couple of awards will be given at dinner based on popular vote so make your presentation good and practice it a few times in advance.

Presentation Guidelines

For the day to be successful your presentation needs to be of a high quality. We expect you to have spent 5 to 10 hours ahead of the event preparing and practicing your presentation. We recommend you:

  1. Be clear of a few key points that you are sharing, make sure they are clear to the audience
  2. Don’t clutter your slides, you only have 10 minutes – pictures and graphs with a few words are best. Good presenters don’t just read from their slides.
  3. Don’t have too many slides. As few as 7 or 8 may be adequate – more than 20 is probably too many.
  4. The audience hopes to be informed, inspired and entertained. Try and include a good mix of examples, factual evidence, illustration and personal stories where possible.
  5. Practice your presentation by yourself to hone your timing. The presentation time limit will be strictly enforced on the day and you don’t want to be cut short of your punchline!
  6. Practice your presentation to a few others and improve it based on their feedback.

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